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I usually don’t like beehive ‘dos…

I usually don’t like beehive ‘dos… published on No Comments on I usually don’t like beehive ‘dos…

…But Jareth can apparently make anything look good, including hairstyles with weird bumps. How does he do that?!!!

Standard notes about Jareth’s model, morphs, texture, makeup and glasses apply. From top to bottom, outfit consists of Hivewire 3D’s Glam Ponytail for Dawn [a time-limited freebie along with the rest of the Dawn base figure — I got it for the hair :p ], collar from Daz/Sarsa/Xena’s Magus for V4, corset from Wilmap’s freebie Victorian Underwear for Genesis, sleeves and cuffs from the lovely Daz/Mada collaboration Just Jokin’, short shorts from Wilmap’s freebie Hipster Shorts for Genesis, fishnets from Magus [see above] and dx30’s Thick Sole Boots 3. Pose is one of M3’s defaults, tweaked by me. Background by me.

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