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Consumption will fill the void within me!

Consumption will fill the void within me! published on No Comments on Consumption will fill the void within me!

Fashion Victims series 2 dolls by Mezco.

I’ve been set on acquiring one or more of these since it was shown recently on MWD that their clothes fit Cys perfectly.

My favorites DOLL-WISE are Inferno [devil] and Lulu [because she has, duh, pink hair]. But the one with the top hat comes with the best alternate outfit, kind of a strait-jacket-sleeved dress. Actually, I’d take everyone but the blue-skinned one and peel off their clothes, leaving them shivering and my dolls very happy.

I am only convinced that consumption of this product will fulfill be precisely because I cannot HAVE this product because I lack money. This is a delusion that shall pass when I actually start having money again. I shall therefore endeavor to make more money and stop these nagging desires for 1:6 Goth lite clothing. :p

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