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Jareth and his balls

Jareth and his balls published on 9 Comments on Jareth and his balls

Finally, about two and a half months since ordering, Jareth arrived at my house. Thanks to the following for their help with the Jareth Project: Dollshe for the body sculpt, Luts for the procuring and shipping, Armeleia for facial mods, faceup and endless IM chats, MissMerrythe3rd for an affordable and sexy handmade outfit for Jareth, Batchix for the gloves, Posh Dolls for the current pair of boots and Ajumapama for the imminent pair, Daniel Maher Stained Glass for the dichroic glass earrings, all you Laby and BJD freaks for following the saga and, of course, David Bowie and Labyrinth for starting this whole thing in the first place. I’m ecstatic to finally have a BJD to photo again; plus I’m so pleased with the results of my long-distance collaborations with everyone. See Jareth and his balls [well, more like his singular ball] below the cut.


He’s very pretty, but he, um, doesn’t really look very much like Jareth-Jareth…

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