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Jareth’s new corset

Jareth’s new corset published on 4 Comments on Jareth’s new corset

So Moggie’s Toyshop made a custom corset for Jareth. The lacing solved the problem of his stupid hip joint popping out; it also took about 15 minutes to do up, so, whether he likes it or not, he’s staying in the corset. Fortunately, though, as you can see, he’s pretty comfortable. I think he was even falling asleep toward the end of the shoot. See below the cut for more.

I had so much fun with this shoot. I barely had to work to get Jareth into a naturalistic pose. Plus I finally found an outfit that shows off what I like about the Haund body. It seems very easy to get Jareth into attractive poses, as opposed to Sardonix, who was much more prone to evil, and Zephque, who was much more introverted.

Dolls are sexy.


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