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Dollmore’s new 70 cm girl, Bella

Dollmore’s new 70 cm girl, Bella published on No Comments on Dollmore’s new 70 cm girl, Bella

Following the popularity of the ~70 cm Dollshe boys, Dollmore jumps on the trend of 65+ cm dolls with Bella Auden, a 70 cm BJD:

On the plus side… From what I can tell, Bella’s proportions weigh out much better than those of the other tall girl currently available, the etoliated Dollshe Afghan. Furthermore, Bella has much more defined hips and an actual waist, as opposed to Afghan, who looks basically like a 60 cm girl’s head on a Haund body. Additionally, since Bella has ankles [which Dollshe hates to include on its dolls], she fits much better into extant shoes for 60 cm girls. Finally, Bella has a much more attractive head than Afghan, but that’s immaterial for me since I wouldn’t be getting her for the head, just for her carcass.

On the negative side… Bella boasts double-jointed elbows [yay!], but only single-jointed knees [booo!]. She’s like a 1:6 CG 2.0 that way, with highly functional and poseable arms, but legs designed more for form than function. I also think her boobs should be bigger, but that’s not a design flaw, just a personal preference.

Bella represents a great improvement over Anorexic Afghan. She also gives me hope that other companies besides Dollshe and Volks will develop 65+ cms, and I’ll eventually be able to find a tall, meaty, curvy, hyper-articulated body for Frank. I just need to have patience, which is not my strong suit.

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