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“Hi, my name’s MW, and I killed my main character.”

“Hi, my name’s MW, and I killed my main character.” published on 5 Comments on “Hi, my name’s MW, and I killed my main character.”

Sounds like an intro at a meeting of SAA [Sadistic Authors Anonymous], huh? Well, it’s true. The main character of (un)real life, Anneka Elizabeth, died dramatically today in [where else?] the arms of her devoted [and dead] boyfriend, Will.

All I have to say is, “It’s about damn time!” I’ve been waiting for her demise for…well, years. Not because I have a sadistic, morbid and self-destructive side [although there is that], but because I originally started the story of Anneka and Will in May, 2004. I even put it online under the name of The Deskland Soaps. I first wrote about Anneka’s death in December, 2004 [the winter solstice, how symbolic], many, many months ago. This event represented the high-water mark of both my creativity and my popularity as the creator of Deskland Soaps. After that point, the Soaps shed fans and momentum, unable to regain their compelling status.

The Deskland Soaps disappeared several months later, in May, 2005, and went on hiatus until October. The Soaps reappeared as (un)real life, reworking the main storylines from the Soaps in a leaner, meaner and more interesting way. Now that I’ve passed the high point of Deskland Soaps, the “first draft” of (un)real life, I feel that I’ve finally come full circle. I’ve done my original idea — queer mortal girl + dead vamp boy = flying sparks — justice.

I want more than justice, though. (un)real life ain’t just about fleshing out a cool idea that I had in the past. It’s my narrative playground, creative outlet and unabashed psycho-exploration. In other words, (un)real life interests me and entertains me greatly not just in the past, but right now. While it may have a smaller fan base and less momentum behind it, it’s a stronger and more focused piece of art. When it was still the Deskland Soaps, I had no idea what would happen beyond season 3. Now, by contrast, I have up through season 9 scripted. [No, you don’t get spoilers, not unless I really love you…or you buy me lots of figs.] (un)real life as a multifarious creation has taken on forward propulsion of its own.

All of which is to say this…Anneka’s death marked the climax of Deskland Soaps, a prelude to the dissipation of its powers. In (un)real life, Anneka’s death is the climax of a particular story arc, but nowhere near the end of the series. As our fair protagonist is about to find out, death is only the beginning….


I follow unreal, but I noticed that you stopped linking to it at Idolism so now I have to go to MWD for updates. I haven’t really noticed if you release new eps on certain days of the week, but if there is a plan to it, I would like to know. I enjoyed the Deskland soaps, so I keep inadvertently comparing it to (un)real life, but in all I enjoy the colourful cast, the writing and the plotline.

These days there are presisely three things I bother to look for at MWD: (Un)real, Pluteu’s findings on Y!J and any news about the Customdawg/bitchin/Triad Toys venture. You could post it in your blog as well, since you’re on my flist i will get it when I check in the morning (or when I check again several other times later in the day). I do look in on Idolism at least once a day, even if I don’t post much there myself.

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