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Cemeteries + dolls

Cemeteries + dolls published on No Comments on Cemeteries + dolls

Granary Burial Ground: Find stone with mermen and frogs. Take good pictures.

King’s Chapel Cemetery: Take good photos of the Death / Father Time stones with globe and candle.

Mount Auburn Cemetery: Go with Steph!

The only one in Somerville: Show people peeking through the bars [even if we can’t get in].

Forest Hills: Probably with Jennifer, since the high surveillance gets suspicious about people carrying around big dolls and cameras.

That one in Arlington on Broadway: Walk there some sunny weekend.

Ones in Salem: Find stones associated with witchcraft trials.

Mountain View: Find dolphins, elephants and other unusual animals. Do an “animal tour?”

Essex Common: Hands, wrought-iron fences.

Cemeteries I have been to with past dollses: Granary [Anneka 1.0, Zephque], King’s Chapel [Zephque], Forest Hills [Zephque], Essex Common [Zephque], Mountain View [Will 1.0], Hagar Burying Ground [Anneka 1.0].

Cemeteries I have been to with my current dollses: First Parish [Brandeis], Central Burying Ground [Jennifer].

I’m deathly behind in my graveyard duty, which is unconscionable, given the number of fascinating cemeteries all around me.

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