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Jennifer and pink do not get along.

Jennifer and pink do not get along. published on 5 Comments on Jennifer and pink do not get along.

Wrote this last night, but didn’t have a chance to put it up. Andrea the fabulous sent me a birthday gift of funky 1:6 clothing for Jennifer. I personally like the juxtaposition of patterns and prints. Jennifer, however, has other opinions.


I applaud this spectacle of feminine frivolity and flights of fancy.

p.s. Burlington thing is rolling this weekend, is it not?


I love Jennifer. She’s such a cutie. You need a huge-boobed Metel to keep her company. Actually… you know, maybe Uyoo and Metel would look better on each other’s bodies because of their head-to-breast ratios.

BTW, sign onto Y!IM so you can see Frank’s update pics!

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