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Deprived of BTVS fix due to MIA seller

Deprived of BTVS fix due to MIA seller published on 1 Comment on Deprived of BTVS fix due to MIA seller

I am very annoyed because I paid ~$146.00 back in mid-July to get seasons 1 through 7 of BTVS on DVD…and they never showed. I also never received any information from the seller, despite E-mailing three times [once through personal mail, twice through My Ebay]. Besides the fact that I’m out ~$146.00, I feel especially irritated because I was really looking forward to enjoying my favorite characters and eps in a huge splurge of indulgent gratification. [Hm, that sounded obscene.] 

Of course, I’ll get over it. It’s only some DVDs, and I have put in a claim to PayPal that will hopefully get most of my money back. I just feel cross because my indulgence was thwarted.

Oh yeah, stay away from seller mclarke6666.

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Rrrrgh, so annoying! Did you report it to ebay as well?

I hate it when I’ve got something indulgent planned and then my opportunity gets snatched.

Thanks for your comments re: the dream today, btw. I often think of the valkyrie and wonder what was up with that. (I remember “The Snow Queen” well, too. The world AND a pair of skates if he wins the ice game of logic. I should go read some more Victorian fairy tales. Have you read “Beauties, Beasts, and Enchantment” yet? So…French. 😉 Specifically, I guess, so upper – class French with too much time on their hands, but…oh well. :))

Rampant Bicycle

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