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We can rebuild her; we have the technology…

We can rebuild her; we have the technology… published on 1 Comment on We can rebuild her; we have the technology…

Sardonix 2.0’s head arrived on 1/24. No pictures of her, but you can hear about her mods and her impending eyes and such below the cut.

Unfortunately, Cerebrus Project thought it would be a good idea to sculpt a ski jump on her face, then put a blob on the end of it and call it a nose. I immediately gave her a rhinoplasty with a box cutter. Anyone who thinks that you can only mod a doll with sandpaper is a sucker. Your basic slicing and dicing tools work fine for the gross forms of things. Sandpaper is only for the final finishing touches. But I just used a craft knife for the final smoothing because I am a lazy ass.

I’m really liking the Juri ’06 as opposed to Sardonix 1.0, sleepy elfy Lishe. Ya see — sleepy elfy Lishe has a small Cupid’s bow for a mouth and a very narrow nose with a slight hook. I liked neither the small size of the mouth nor the narrowness of the nose. Juri ’06’s nose and mouth are much more in proportion to her face. Plus Juri ’06 has a built-in smirk. I cannot resist a built-in smirk.

I have Sardonix 2.0’s outfit coming from rattimoth on DOA. It’s a layered sort of chiffon thing that looks like old leaves. One of her eyes will be a clear marble, the other a pink cat’s eye [coming from Jolarocknrolla on DOA]. Undecided as to whether I will color in her lips a bit or leave her blank. Cyborgian decorations follow.

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