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Notes on incoming clothes

Notes on incoming clothes published on No Comments on Notes on incoming clothes

More for me than for you.

Will’s got his self some duds, despite lack of a head:

–blank tank by Gayle
–stretchy camo pants by Butterfly
–black vinyl skirt by pansyrocker

I was not going to get the skirt, but it was too awesome to pass up.

Frank’s also got the following on the way:

–groovy wrap dress by Dutchgirl
–altered Haund jeans with embroidered flowers by Dutchgirl

More clothes coming in means a bunch going out, hopefully at the Burlington doll club meeting this Saturday.

Jennifer also has a fabulastic wig being dreaded and accessorized by littlepinkfaery. She may not forgive me for the results [Jennifer, not littlepinkfaery].

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