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iClone 2 render of Will

iClone 2 render of Will published on 4 Comments on iClone 2 render of Will

Using my trial verson of iClone 2, this is as close as I can get to Will. Hairstyle is inaccurate [not sticking up enough], as are eyes [not brown] and pants [not tight enough], but the complete lack of fashion sense, the cadaverous build and the eeeeevil smirk are right on. I am very amused to note that there is an “Evil Intention” emote generator, which I cranked up to 100% to get the following smirk.

iClone 2, interestingly enough, separates everything by sex. Bodies, clothing and shoes are understandable. [In a bonus for me, women can wear “male” clothes and men “female,” although “female” tops have prefab breast bumps in them which do not look good on a male character who is not a drag queen. In the case of shoes, though, it’s no problem. Will’s wearing “female” casual black boots.] But even body language is segregated! “Male” poses connect solidly with the earth, looking dynamic and forceful, while “female” poses show more imbalance and tentative, swaying movements. [But the sex of the character does not determine available poses and motions; Will is in a “female” casual seated posture.]


I just found a free software thingy that might also be an alternative

Other stuff (gotta hunt for the graphics stuff)

More info, much software linked off this, some of it free (like Blender)

Another software option

By the way, for a good laugh (or a nasty retch, if you catch something bad) google poser porn…hee.


This guy has done some fabulous work some of which I think you’ll really love (look in the 3-D images 1993-2004 section) and has done experimenting with different programs.

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