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Today’s Daz work: primitive renders of Will

Today’s Daz work: primitive renders of Will published on 1 Comment on Today’s Daz work: primitive renders of Will

After downloading the necessary stuff for actually getting shit done in Daz [base figures, face/body morphs, standard textures, some clothes, some poses, Will’s teddy bear, etc.], I spent several hours tonight tweaking Michael 3.0 in order to get Will out of it. He has the skinny body morph with a lot of tweaks to his face that make him look rather old. These are about the only clothes that I knew how to put on him without parenting something to body parts. A full report on the program and its usability ensues later, but so far it’s exceeding my expectations. Look at how close up I can get in the photos below. [Any resemblances to James Marsters and the character of Spike are completely intentional and probably accentuated by the outfit. I should have made the coat leopard print, but I was getting lazy.]

Say hello to Will’s package!

Say hello to Will’s eyelashes.

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Wow, looks good….well, except for Will’s deformed package.

Its not the right shape, or size. Unless he has elephantasis of the nuts, or he’s wearing a big bulbous codpiece and stretchy pants or tights. Jeans, in Mike’s words, “crush” male genitalia. They wouldn’t allow that sort of…space.
Mike says no guy is going to wear a pair of jeans that would allow you to see more than kind of a little lump there, because it would hurt.
Also, the crotch of those jeans looks like its two pieces.

But I suspect all of this may be a problem with Poser.

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