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Skin-making geekery

Skin-making geekery published on 1 Comment on Skin-making geekery Sarsa’s tutorial some supplements to Sarsa’s tutorial DAZ-hosted tutorial

And apparently there are some raw high-res JPEGS on Renderotica for texturing…

I should make my own base for people…dammit!!!

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This is random, but I was checking out your Labyrinth site to see if there were any essays involving the manga sequel, especially because the second volume has been released. I haven’t read either yet, mostly because I kept hearing that the art in Vol. 1 sucked, and a quick flip-through confirmed it (no where near as good as the cover art), but I read summaries of both on wiki, and if what wiki says is true about Vol 2, it seems like it’ll be something to snap up.

Alrighty, I’m gonna go off onto my corner of the web,

PS. BJDs are beautiful. (Though I can never afford them, so I stick with gazing at American Girl Dolls)

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