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Kiss Kiss, Faint Faint

Kiss Kiss, Faint Faint published on 1 Comment on Kiss Kiss, Faint Faint

James Marsters is guest-starring on Torchwood season 2 in the Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang ep.

Torchwood is a Dr. Who spinoff, I guess. I wonder if I get BBC2 on my TV.

I also just found out that he’s a secondary character in P.S. I Love You. [Boy, I’m behind the curve.] I’d hit it see it, the same way I saw The Prestige primarily for David Bowie.

No, I don’t know why they are kissing each other….

1 Comment

The character on the left (Captain Jack) is pansexual.. in real life he is gay. I had been watching this show, but I found all the main characters to be quite unsympathetic and often taking very callous decisions regarding the lifes of others. Also I have no TV at the moment. You could probably download the episodes or even buy the DVD…. You might like it ~ personally I prefer doctor Who, although there is some crossover from time to time.

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