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Back after a five-month absence!

Back after a five-month absence! published on 2 Comments on Back after a five-month absence!

I finally went to doll club today with Will and Sardonix. Will’s clothes reached a new sartorial nadir of horrible fabulousness; I never knew I could create such staggering amounts of fashion-related weirdness with a limited number of items. He also got a new wig from Volks SD Kun, a brownish, ex-blond long straight cut. For once in her life, Sardonix kept quiet and didn’t cause any trouble, probably because she was too busy stabbing things with her Vengeance Unicorn.

Sardonix says, “Don’t interrupt me while I’m stabbing a mime in the back!”

Volks Yo-SD Ann looking nauseatingly cute in a little birdy outfit. I forget who her owner is.

Will showing off his new wig and borrowed bear hat. Does it complement his leopard print?

Another classy pose in front of the paper towel dispenser. Hat from Tensiya [I think] + leopard print from Soom + lace thingy from DollMore + custom vinyl skirt by DOA artist + black-and-white stripey socks [not shown] = fashion disaster.


Good to hear you’re back on going to doll meetings. I’ll look foward to following LHF, too.

I was at a costume association meeting yesterday and saw a a member’s wood elf Cocoa and Bonbon. They are just as cute in person as in pictures.

It appears that Teresa has ‘unfriended’ me, so presumably she is angry at me for some reason; I reciprocated out of politeness. I don’t want to ‘unfriend’ you right now, but if you wish me to do so, please ‘unfriend’ me.

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