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LHF cast: Pippilotta

LHF cast: Pippilotta published on 5 Comments on LHF cast: Pippilotta

Anastasia Marshall, known as Pippilotta, is a vampire.

She is Anneka’s best friend. She was born in 1975 and vamped at the age of 26. She is now 33. She is not currently affiliated with any clan, although she was a member of the End of the World after being vamped.

Pippilotta lives in Davis Square, West Somerville, Massachusetts. She is a crisis counselor for the women’s hotline at Somerville Hospital. However, she would rather be watching horror films.

Pippilotta’s strengths include her loyalty and supportiveness. Her weaknesses include her bitterness and her repugnance toward anything with a penis.



Ah, love her hair.

Can you not map the freckles onto her shoulders and elsewhere? Wait–are they even real freckles anymore? The idea of a vampire with freckles seems counterintuitive to me (who pretty much only knows about vampires what she’s learned from the history of LHF)

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