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Doll notes

Doll notes published on No Comments on Doll notes

Doll stuff to get


Materyllis’ body use cheap one and paint

Materyllis’ hair use black yarn

Materyllis’ clothes Legacy of Valor WAVES long slim skirt, blouse w puff sleeves and neck/yoke deco

Little Will’s body use Obitsu slim male, cut down

Little Will’s clothes Goth dress, bloomers of simple sleeves and rubber bands

College Anneka’s body share w regular Anneka

College Anneka’s clothes share w regular Anneka

Leonora’s hair sculpt

Leonora’s body

Leonora’s clothes Gibson blouse, long bell skirt

Leonora’s chair use Max’

Alexandra’s head and body WAVES

Alexandra’s clothes use from collection

Max’ head and body use Alexander the Great

Max’ clothes use from collection

Max’ chair use Mattel Becky

Minerva’s head George Taylor

Minerva’s body use spare

Minerva’s clothes use from collection

War Toys

DML Alexander the Great 17.95

DML George Taylor 7.95

Dragon Lord shirt 1.25

Dragon Lord shirt and pants 2.25

Good Stuff to Go

WAVES 19.00

Junky Spot

Obitsu slim male 20.99



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