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Wow, I actually like a Triad product!

Wow, I actually like a Triad product! published on 2 Comments on Wow, I actually like a Triad product!

Lola is the first Triad Toys doll that attracts me. It’s not the fetishy schoolgirl outfit, though I do like it. It’s not the thigh-high black pleather platform heels, though they are perfect for Will. It’s not the custom cartoony bomb and the match, though Baozha would love those. It’s not the backpack with the teddy bear, though I can always use more backpacks, and I know Will wants the teddy bear. It’s not the guns because, unless they are squirt guns, firearms are irrelevant to my LHF universe. It’s not even the Otaku body, which sacrifices form over function.

It’s her face, her weary, sarcastic, annoyed face. 

Get doll; keep head, hands, clothes, shoes, pack, bomb, match, teddy. Sell body, guns, holsters and other weapon-related crap. Body should go for $30.00. Guns should go for $10-15.00. Recoup ~1/2 of purchase price.

Give doll pink hair!!!


Are the Otaku dolls also by Triad? They creep me out. Lola has more of a normal face shape – it doesn’t look like her head was held in a vise. Yes, she’s prettier than the others, and her expression gives her a lot more personality.

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