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1:6ers I lust after

1:6ers I lust after published on 1 Comment on 1:6ers I lust after

I’ve found my cut-off point beyond which I think a 1:6 doll is not worth the price: $100. Even dolls that hit the $100 mark make me pause. Unfortunately, there are several dolls in the $100+ category that I’ve been coveting for years, but which I can’t really justify the cost of.

1. Momoko. Her neat little engaging face has always charmed me. I like the ones with dark hair and subdued makeup. I really like Mama Told Me [available at Junky Spot], but she’s $160, $100 of which seems to be for the doll itself and $60 for the outfit. I’m NOT paying that much for an outfit, no matter how attractive it is, if it can’t fit more than one of my dolls. Of all the dolls on this list, it is most probable that I will eventually get a Momoko, especially if I can find one nude <$70.

2. Sakurana. It’s the side-glancing eyes and the little smirk that get me. She looks like she’s up to something devious. Deviousness does not come cheap, though, because her price ranges between $140 and $160 [available at Manika]. Sigh…I have a weakness for smirky dollies.

3. Misaki. Integrity Toys only releases these Fashion Royalty dolls in limited editions, which drives up the price even more. I like the Misaki headsculpt in general, with its strong jawline and overblown lips, but I’m particularly enamored of Posh Girl Misaki, with her smart tailored outfit, stylized freckles and dark lips. However, she’s north of $200 [also available at Manika at the same link as Sakurana].

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If you haunt HLJ, you can find Momokos in their sale section, which is from whence I’ve acquired the Momokos I’ve had, and all of those were significantly less than $100 (I think the most deluxe was around $70. Shipping does add to the price, of course.) Mama Told Me, though, is so perennially popular that I doubt you’ll find her at reduced prices, though.

I agree completely about Sakurana and Misaki, although I’d be more tempted to spend the higher amount on Sakurana, because the loooooooooonnnnnnnnnng legs on FR dolls rather bug me. I got to hold Eric McNeal’s Sakurana, and she’s a very nice figure.

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