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Lazy furniture: stool, end table, vanity

Lazy furniture: stool, end table, vanity published on 1 Comment on Lazy furniture: stool, end table, vanity

See photos of some of my lazy 1:6 furniture below, including a list of materials of those things I made myself. Tonight we’re looking at Will’s vanity, a generic end table and a stool from the Nightcrawler.

End table is made of carpentry scraps put together with hot glue. Lamp is made from a creamer container, crayon, masking tape and plastic soda bottle cap. Pen is made of toothpick, paint and electrical tape. Desk is made from a box for checks, dowels and carpentry scraps held together with hot glue. Hairbrush is the head of a toothbrush with trimmed bristles with some electrical tape. Nail file is made of sandpaper. Nail polish containers made of colored wooden beads, toothpicks and electrical tape. Other round bottles also made of wooden beads with pinheads. Large bottles made of gluesticks, wooden beads and stickers. Cosmetic wedges [not seen behind computer] are made out of 1:1 cosmetic wedges cut down. Other accessories are a combination of Barbie, Rement and miscellaneous 1:6 stuff.

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