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Much better Ethan

Much better Ethan published on No Comments on Much better Ethan

Back in 2005, Sideshow did a 12" version of Jason from Friday the 13th 7. As I see from Michael Crawford’s site, the Sideshow version looks much gaunter than the Mezco upcoming version [mentioned previously], so I think I will try to track down a Sideshow version of this dude for Ethan. Anyway, amazingly enough, the Sideshow Jason 7 has a relatively relaxed, neutral expression for a man in the process of decaying.  Hooray! I’ve been looking for a sculpt like this for some time…The Sideshow sculpt looks great, except for those white things on his face. At first I thought they were grains of rice [hahah!], but I think they’re supposed to be maggots.

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