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LHF 3.5: “Stirrings of Life”

LHF 3.5: “Stirrings of Life” published on No Comments on LHF 3.5: “Stirrings of Life” In which Will can’t get no satisfaction, but Velvette and Gemini can!

Comments: Welcome another character to the cast: Gemini! She’s not really new, so much as she is newly appearing. Those of you who have very long memories and attention to this sort of detail may recall the story of how Anneka’s best friend Pippilotta was turned into a vampire. It was a sordid affair in which she was exploited by one Gemini Beaumont purely to make Gemini’s squeeze jealous. Gemini comes from the wild and self-destructive End of the World, a clan based in Provincetown, so her reputation as a dangerous agent of chaos precedes her. She and Velvette seem to get along well, though.

It may be difficult to read, but Janet’s white board has lots of helpful messages on it, like “Order stem cells” and “Kraftwerk rules! <- So does Velvette” and “Remember – Velvette = sister. <- That’s not funny! <- That’s because you have no sense of humor.”

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