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Best images of canceled BTVS Tarot

Best images of canceled BTVS Tarot published on 1 Comment on Best images of canceled BTVS Tarot

There was going to be a BTVS tarot once, but it, in the manner of all good things, got cancelled. Saddened at the abortion of a promising artistic project, I collected the highest quality images I could find of the cards that had been previewed. Please take the links to admire the files in their full glory. The existence of almost half the Major Arcana makes me think that the art for the entire deck was completed, and we will never see it, sob sob sob.

  • 0. Fool. Here is the first Slayer at the beginning of her kind’s fateful journey.
  • 1. Magician. Buffy wields stupendous magic power in the first female interpretation of this card I’ve seen.
  • 2. High Priestess. Willow is the feminine magical principle.
  • 6. The Lovers. According to an interview with deck designer Rachel Pollack, this card shows Buffy and Angel.
  • 10. Wheel of Fortune. The Master rules the cycle of judgment, death, transformation and undeath.
  • 11. Justice. According to Pollack, this card shows Willow.
  • 13. Death. This looks like the ritual that created the first Slayer.
  • 14. Temperance. Angel in vamp mode represents a balance between all desires and duties.
  • 15. Devil. Buffy and Spike [in vamp mode] are tempted to sick carnal delights.
  • 16. Tower. This looks like Buffy sacrificing herself at the end of season 5.
  • 19. Sun. The death-dealing, life-saving power of the Slayer smites the evil vampire.

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