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Doll notes: Jennifer and Absinthe

Doll notes: Jennifer and Absinthe published on 1 Comment on Doll notes: Jennifer and Absinthe

While trying to banish several fur wigs from my life, I reexamined the pictures I took of Jennifer modeling them. The pictures are not that great because she has a little peanut head, so most of the wigs are too big on her. Nevertheless, I was struck by the glowing contrast of her electric blue eyes with her milk-colored skin. She photographs very well in full-spectrum light, and I should take more pictures of her.

I finished my reincarnation of Absinthe last night. You can’t see, but she has a pair of jeans on that are the perfect height and width for her size. [She is 23 cm.] The jeans have no label, but I strongly suspect that they are Bratz Boyz clothes, which means that I have a character who can fit into Bratz clothes! She does not like Bratz girl clothes, though, so I have to find her some schlumpy casual wear among the Bratz Boyz stuff.

Speaking of Bratz Boys, I need to get some Bratz Boyz shoez and some screws. Then I will drill the screws up into the ankles of some of my dolls who don’t have feet [a surprising number], and they can have shoes! Unfortunately, Bratz Boys stuff is not as easy to find as the girl stuff.

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