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Disturbing clothing ads: Death to cartoon characters!

Disturbing clothing ads: Death to cartoon characters! published on 2 Comments on Disturbing clothing ads: Death to cartoon characters!

What do you think of these ads over on SocIm? Frankly, they creep me out. This is what I said over there:

People of color as backdrop! Gun as penis! Murder as victory! YAAAAAAAY!

Beyond these things, I’m trying to articulate why this series is disturbing to me, perhaps because it brings cartoon characters into the non-cartoon world and gives them realistic remains. Most of the characters shown are heavily anthropomorphized, which adds an extra layer to their death. The trope of “big game hunt” doesn’t really fly for me when I see a tree with a sad humanoid face with its limbs amputated. What do other people think?

I’d like to hear opinions from other people.


If I told you I’d love to see Disney characters at the business end of a gun, would you hold it against me?

Seriously, there are much better ways to portray teens getting out of the cutesy, little-kids-clothes trap – and much more modern ones at that. Who the hell thinks the big-game-hunter theme is acceptable? Personally, it would turn me off of purchasing anything from the company.

Don’t even get me started on people of color as a backdrop. (And on a semi-related note, we have a few collections of older cartoons – the kidsy loves some of them, but has taken a dislike to the cartoons with obvious “Little Black Sambo” or “Mammy” type characters. Now if we could just get her off of the damn Princesses…)

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