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My new camera: Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS

My new camera: Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS published on 3 Comments on My new camera: Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS

Here is the page on the Kodak Web site for my new camera. I got it with a dock too. I really hope it came with a neck strap and a lens cap, but I can’t tell because I’m at work now, and my camera is at home. I also can’t tell if it came with a rechargeable battery pack, which I hope it did because then I can recharge the batteries on the camera dock. If not, it takes Kodak brand KLIC-8000 Li-Ion rechargeables. Damn proprietary batteries.

So far, this is what I have learned about my camera:

1. It takes much crisper pictures than my previous one.

2. It sucks down batteries like a motherfucker.

3. Image stabilization is a necessity for me since I don’t use a tripod.

4. It’s the perfect shape for holding in one hand since it has a bulge on the front that I can wrap my right fingers around. It’s also a manageable weight. I tend to take all my pictures one-handed [with my non-dominant hand, hmmmmm], moving the camera around quickly between shots, so the Z712 is a good size for my technique.

5. Irritatingly enough, it has internal memory.

6. I think I might need to get a newer, bigger memory card to accommodate the greater file size of my high-res photos.

7. My new camera behaves much better in my desk light [a very bright full-spectrum lamp] than my old one, which always made one side of the picture washed out and yellow and the other side grainy and dark. My current camera still picks up the yellow from my desk light, but also records detail elsewhere in the scene. See last night’s picture of Michaela for an example.

8. Still sucks down batteries like a mofo.


In general, i’ve found that batteries recharge faster in their own charger then in-camera. 3.5 hours is a hell of a long time when i can have one ready to go in 45 minutes. A spare battery is so worth the investment.

There should be an option to turn off the internal memory and make sure all shots go straight to the card. Or at least, if logic reigns, there will be. Getting a faster card was also one of my better purchases; i don’t take rapid-succession shots that often, but when i have, it’s been so much better than the cheapie slow card that the camera came with as an accidental freebie. They’re practically giving the damn things away as gashapon, anyway.

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