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LHF character stats

LHF character stats published on No Comments on LHF character stats

Taking my numbers from this summary of the LHF cast, I figured out some interesting stats about them.

Vampiric Status
Vampires: 21
Regular humans: 15
Cyborgs: 1
Zombies: 1

Comments: I’d say it’s pretty much balanced between vamps and non-vamps.

Female: 25
Male: 11
Transgender: 2

Comments: The cast is mostly female. Is anyone surprised?

Queer: 20
Straight: 6
Not Specified: 12

Comments: Queers are in the majority here in a reversal of real-life stats. I find it a refreshing change from the norm.

Hair Color
Black: 9
Blond: 4
Blue: 1
Brown: 6
Grey: 4
Pink: 5
Red: 6
White: 1

Comments: Despite pink hair’s prominent billing in LHF ads, black hair appears on the greatest number of characters. I use it a lot because I have lots of black boucle yarn [seen on Caveat, Viktor and Tituba], also because black is a good color for sculpting hair where I want to hide imperfections [viz. Chow and Margie]. Funnily enough, though redheads make up about 2% of the population, red ties with brown as the second most popular hair color. Pink is in fourth place, horror of horrors! I think I should add more pink hair to my cast. Possible characters to add pink to are Davry, Pippilotta, Zinnia Pascale and Sibley [hahahahahahaahahh!]. If they all went pink, pink would tie with black as most popular hair color.

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