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Otaku repaint by CorsetKitten = mine!

Otaku repaint by CorsetKitten = mine! published on 1 Comment on Otaku repaint by CorsetKitten = mine!

Corsetkitten and I are doing a trade in which we each think that we’re getting the better end of the deal. She’s getting some stuff that she wants, and I’m getting Birthday Party Fun from the Re-ment American Kitchen set and a beautiful Otaku repaint by CorsetKitten. The default Otaku looks stoned, but CK’s repaint gives her an inquisitive look with expressive eyebrows and a slightly open mouth. She has loads more personality. She has no planned character in the LHF universe, but I couldn’t resist her charm.

1 Comment

Hey, in cleaning the bedroom, i found a pack of Barbie-size scuba gear; do you want it? It comes with tanks, waterskis, a frisbee, a scuba mask, fins, a visor, sunglasses, a camera, a camcorder, and a couple of other random items i can’t make out. They’re all Barbie-colored, of couse, but decently detailed and ready for painting.

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