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Victorian sets on Daz’ site

Victorian sets on Daz’ site published on No Comments on Victorian sets on Daz’ site

On a nostalgic trip, I was poking through Daz’ Web site, and I realized that a few of their sets would be good for any flashback eps to Will’s past.

Not free:

Stonemason’s Victorian Street Front, a beautiful piece, offers a generic commercial exterior with some approximately brownstone architecture and mullioned windows. $19.95.

The Victorian Street Props, also by Stonemason, including hanging signs, benches and lampposts, complement the street front. $14.95.

Redhouse Christmas Carol, despite its name, provides a generic shop interior suitable for all seasons. $16.95.

Redhouse also makes a Haunted Mansion base, which has a staircase, an arch, windows, etc. $16.95. There are lots of expansion packs, which I will not list.

Redhouse also makes a Smoking Room reminiscent of a gentlemen’s club, with tables, chairs and intricately designed panels on walls and ceiling. $16.95.

There’s a First Class Stateroom, which has a very Victorian air to its decoration. $16.95.

Ness Period Reproductions has The Compartment, a beautiful interior set of a train car. $17.95.


I also found some free stuff in the Daz archive, which requires signup for their weekly newsletter in order to get in.

In the Daz free archive, Redhouse has a free Mansion Staircase. It’s got a white marble texture, pillars and intricate railings. There’s also a free Redhouse Fonte Aretusa, a shallow stone basin with a small three-tiered fountain with neutral grey stone texture. The RHS Wall Section is good for decks, porches, mezzanines and such.

As for free things, Boundless also has a free Romantic Garden Pavilion, but I’m not sure what the pieces are.

Glorietta is a free gazebo!

A free mausoleum is offered in the Stone Tomb. A free Stone Coffin and Pedestal complements it.

There’s a free Old Weathered Barn with a fence, a ladder, working doors, hay bales, a gate, etc.

I also have to mention that Ness Period Reproductions contains many free models, from props to furniture, suitable for use in Georgian and Victorian houses.

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