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Friendly comments about LHF

Friendly comments about LHF published on No Comments on Friendly comments about LHF

melopoeia advertised LHF in general on March 8th, saying:

So I haven’t been keeping up with any of the webcomics I enjoy except for xkcd and Wondermark for a while and I just went back to check on Love Has Fangs, which is about the adventures of fabulous intellectual queer vampires (think David Bowie, amazing clothes, Baudelaire references, bits of French & Latin, bloodsucking, zombies, wry humor that puts Joss Whedon to shame, as well as deep interpersonal relationships and dealing with grief) in the Boston area.
Then she made a note about 4.8, Gaudeamus Igitur, on March 10th, saying:
The culmination of a plot, in a graveyard. Best strip yet. Ok, I won’t push this anymore but…this one is unique.

4.8 Gaudeamus Igitur

That we all have these stories inside us are why books like The Graveyard Book do so well. We don’t just love vampires and ghosts.

We are and we carry within us vampires and ghosts.

D7ana and I have been talking about the magnifying glass "lazy lenses." On March 10th, she posted about her own experiments with magnifying glasses, but she started off addressing her entry to me:

First, I want to applaud your close-up photos of Anneka and her grandmother in the Love Has Fangs chapter, "4.8: "Gaudeamus Igitur". The clarity of the close-ups enhanced the story and drew this reader briefly into the intimate world of Anneka and her grandmother. The magnifying glass "trick" transcends trick status when it renders such detailed photos. …

An aside here, but your aged your grandmother figure is admirable. I would guess you used wax and paint to convey her chapped lips and weathered skin? Excellent job. Gives a genuine, aged look without making old, caricature.

Thanks, guys. 4.8 has been extremely well-received by all readers.

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