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Leonyssus, Anneka’s bitchy muse

Leonyssus, Anneka’s bitchy muse published on No Comments on Leonyssus, Anneka’s bitchy muse

If Will has a somewhat intimidating, very playful Captain Thunderpussy for a muse, Anneka has Leonyssus, a finicky, rather crabby merdude who severely dislikes her control freak tendencies. I have a feeling he’s the sort of person who spends lots of time looking in the mirror and combing his hair just to piss her off. Then, when she least expects it, he blows his conch horn, calling her to work. Her constant labors on her mermaid story make him complain that he’s overworked, but, when she tries to leave him alone, he demands attention. He’s very high maintenance, which translates as Anneka’s drive and compulsion to constantly write.

Lest we think that he’s some whiny, annoying drama queen, I should state that he’s more imperious, arrogant, sarcastic and snotty than whiny. He constantly thinks that he’s awesome, and he’s always trying to teach Anneka lessons, which don’t really work because she is ultimately in control. He would call himself "arch and slantwise;" she’d call him "someone with a delicate constitution."

I know the perfect construction for Leonyssus. He is an Obitsu Slim Male top with a bottom from a Mattel Mermaidia doll. He has a generic Slim Male head with askance eyes, half-closed, long eyelashes, and a smirk. Ideally he should have long flowing green hair. In my dreams, it’s in a very complicated net of braids interspersed with pearls, but I don’t have the patience for that. He has an incredibly impractical amount of pearl jewelry, cuffs, earrings, necklaces. He has a golden mirror and a golden hairbrush. He uses the magic mirror for scrying ideas.

CLEARLY I need to write a season in which muses run amuck.

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