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1:12 scale room for Waverley

1:12 scale room for Waverley published on 2 Comments on 1:12 scale room for Waverley

Here’s Waverley’s studio, perfectly customized for her 14cm frame. Since Waverley is not here yet, my Dollmore Banji, which has no character as of yet, provides an idea of scale.

Yellow end table with lamp is from Rement. Bed/seat is an Orientdoll box topped with 1:6 pillows made by a friend. The end tables are made from carpentry scraps thatI hot-glued together. The plants are bits of fake greenery glued into wooden spools. TV stand is a ring box. TV is from Rement’s Merry Strawberry set. Books are 1:6. The penguin is an Iwako eraser. The stuffed bear is a modified Only Hearts Club Little Pet. The briefcase is probably something from Barbie, and the mini computer is a Playmates Uhura communicator.


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