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Hmm … thinking cap firmly in place … how to work it in?


You can be a modern vampire whose throat was cut by a zealous vampire hunter in an attempt to behead you. (Vampire hunters are only available in “zealous” mode – vapid vampire hunters while better alliteration would be short-lived.)

Thinking cap removed. Index finger poised to twirl it.

How’s that for a fix?

Speaking of vampire hunters–I had an unwarranted idea the other day that Thomas Fell would discover the vampires of Boston, and take it upon himself to become a vampire hunter…not realizing that half the people he knows are vampires… I don’t know if any of that meshes with the LHF universe, but it provided amusement for a while.

I was actually thinking that too in the beginning, but then I realized that he’s less of a hunter and more of a privileged, smug, clueless, casually vicious, misogynist person.

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