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Just in time for the holidays…LHF Season 1 BOOK!

Just in time for the holidays…LHF Season 1 BOOK! published on No Comments on Just in time for the holidays…LHF Season 1 BOOK!

Hello LHF readers and fans! Season 1 is now available in print form! Just think of it…a book for your favorite doll soap opera!

You can buy a print or a download copy right here at Love Has Fangs

Why should you buy it?

1. Support 1:6 storytelling!
2. It’s better than the online version. See below!

Being undead is the least of Anneka Richardson’s problems. There’s her 140-year-old boyfriend, Will, who borrows her makeup, the weirdo customers she encounters at her bookstore job and, to top it off, her beloved grandmother’s slow death by Alzheimer’s.

The first season of Elizabeth A. Allen’s online comic Love Has Fangs finally appears in book form. It’s all here — the vampires, the melodrama and the pink hair — in your favorite doll soap opera with bite.

This collection gathers together all episodes of Love Has Fangs: Season 1 as you’ve never seen them before. This is the new, improved version, better than what you’ve read online.

Episodes reshot for consistency
Tighter editing for better story flow
High-quality photos, better than those online, for fine-grained detail

Thanks for the comments, mouse clicks and patronage over the years!

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