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Doll club, 4/10/10

Doll club, 4/10/10 published on 3 Comments on Doll club, 4/10/10

Just a few people [six] came to doll club today, so the meeting lasted shorter than usual. I brought Tamsin, a doll customized by Andrea and wearing a combo of dress, apron and stockings made by Andrea, sitting in a Vitra mini chair from a package from Andrea. Tamsin’s multicolored hair and detailed paint job were much exclaimed over.

Barb’s Volks Yo-SD Alice was very soft and angelic-looking.

Kira’s CP Mini fee Shiwoo looked achingly cute in a rabbit-eared, frilly costume that she purchased at doll club.

I got just one box from Jo of the hina matsuri Rement. Tamsin shows off one of the female courtier dolls for scale. They are the perfect size for dolls for my dolls!


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