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Welcome home, Sarah!

Welcome home, Sarah! published on No Comments on Welcome home, Sarah!

I’m buying a Souldoll Shiva G from the DoA marketplace. Her name is Sarah, inspired by Sarah from Labyrinth [dreamy, bookish and shy, but not as whiny or as stupid with her mouth hanging open]. She’s coming with this outfit.

Right now I have conflicting ideas about how I want to set her up. [I usually paint and dress my dolls once, then keep them that way, unless they are Anneka, Will or Velvette.] Part of me wants to prepare her as Sarah from Labyrinth, with long straight brown hair, brown eyes, jeans, peasant blouse, vest and loafers. Another part of me wants to put her in green eyes, pink ponytails, my an42 pink and orange paisley dress, black and white stripey socks. Of course, the beauty of BJDs is that I can prepare her both ways, but I’m just trying to decide which look to invest in first.

Since I have the paisley dress and the stripey socks, I think I will go with the obnoxious pink look first!

As Sarah is coming with a wig, eyes and clothes [even though they are out of character], I don’t really need to prepare anything for her arrival except some footwear. I sold all my BJD shoes when I got rid of Jareth, Frank and Jennifer because my remaining BJD, Sardonix, goes barefoot [and wigless — very low maintenance!]. I hope to get Sarah some loafers from the DoA marketplace, barring that, some boring black boots. [At 8.3 cm long, Souldoll Zenith girls have big feet compared to other female dolls in the 70cm range, which makes shoe shopping hard.]

I’m also excited to report that I’ll be moving my big dolls [all 2 of them, Sardonix and Junebug] this evening. They currently sit on the very top shelf of my tallest doll bookshelf in my bedroom. Above eye level, they are isolated and rarely admired. I’m transferring them to the first shelf of my bookcase in the living room. They will then be directly across the room from my chair, where I sit to use my computer and read. I will then look up and see Sardonix with her arms folded and Junebug with her happy smile and, soon, Sarah with her wistful expression. All three of them should make good friends.

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