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Doll club, 11/6/10

Doll club, 11/6/10 published on 1 Comment on Doll club, 11/6/10

We had lots of different kinds of dolls at doll club today! Everyone wanted to know about Sarah and thought that her doll, Precious Little, was cute.

Here’s Maria’s Holiday Hostess Thanksgiving Barbie, looking very retro.

Maria’s Momokos are sitting on a Barbie couch by Jonathan Adler, which she was trying to convince me to buy [couch, not Momokos].

Here’s another shot of the couch I am not going to get.

Manny brought 3 Sybarites, all dressed in frocks and stockings that he made himself. They look like perfectly awesome drag queens, don’t they? I myself was rather impressed with the details, including working zippers, on the 1:4 bags.

I don’t remember whose J-Doll this is, but they look much better in person than online. The delicately painted mouth and inset eyes make the face very expressive, and the details on the outfit are very well done.

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