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Araminthe’s arrival! [Or, Bad-tempered vampire is bad-tempered.]

Araminthe’s arrival! [Or, Bad-tempered vampire is bad-tempered.] published on 2 Comments on Araminthe’s arrival! [Or, Bad-tempered vampire is bad-tempered.]

Araminthe arrived today! She’s the first representative of B&G Doll [Boy &Girl Doll] that I’ve encountered, and I really like her. She has smooth even resin without mold lines, well-hidden double joints and perfect stringing. She stands and holds a multitude of poses right out of the box. I’m not going to even have to wire her arms!

Araminthe’s headsculpt, the snarling Burrysa head, came with the bloody faceup, not the non-bloody one, so I guess she’s a messy eater. Her default smoldering red eyes go well with the red and black tones used in her faceup, and the drips of blood outside her lips seem more stylized than realistic. As for Araminthe’s head itself, it’s very small compared to other 60cm heads, with fine, pointy features and harsh, flat planes. I think her expression is hilarious.

Here Araminthe shows off her cutesy ensemble. Her appropriate wig, a dusty rose mohair with twin pigtails, is still being made. Araminthe is not impressed with her temporary hair.

Araminthe condescends to a closeup.

Pointy teefs!!

The bottoms of Araminthe’s fabulously femmey shoes:

Araminthe meets the gang. From left to right:
Araminthe: "My hair looks stupid."
Junebug: "Hi, welcome home! I’m Junebug! Do you like to play dolls? I like to play dolls and beauty parlor too, but no one wants to play beauty parlor with me. Will you play with me?"
Sardonix: "So what do you think of the new girl?"
Sarah: "She’s kind of crabby."


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