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Overalls for Junebug?!

Overalls for Junebug?! published on No Comments on Overalls for Junebug?!

So I got Junebug some pants recently from the horseriding outfit set put out by Karito, but I really dislike the pants. They’re very tight, and they keep slipping down when Junebug is sitting, which she does most of the time. I’ve been looking on and off for a maker of clothes for Karito Kids, but I haven’t had much luck, since KKs are 21", not 18" like the hideous beasts from the depths of Hell American Girls. But I just found a maker who works with Karito Kids: Doll Clothes by Carole!! Look at the patterns available for overalls; I think that Junebug would find the red curduroy print simply fabulous! I just E-mailed her to see if she would make a pair of overalls for Junebug with extra-long legs, so Junebug can cuff them. Junebug will be so happy when she’s not getting a wedige AND her underwear is not falling out.

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