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EZ joints 4 u to use!

EZ joints 4 u to use! published on No Comments on EZ joints 4 u to use!

May be getting these Dikadoll jointed hands for 60cm fems. Not sure if I want to give them both to Janvier Jett so she can play the guitar, or if I should divide them up between 2 dolls. I imagine there would be a big fight for the extra jointing:

  • Sardonix would want to be able to give people the finger.
  • Sarah would want to hold a book.
  • Lola Paprika would wish to hold her Tarot cards individually in her fingertips.
  • Araminthe would not be able to benefit because there would be too much of a mismatch between her grey resin and the hands, which are light tan with a pinkish undertone [NOT "nude" or "flesh-colored!"].

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