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Me and My Muses…dolls, maundering

Me and My Muses…dolls, maundering published on No Comments on Me and My Muses…dolls, maundering

There's a beautiful Soom Uyoo on the DOA marketplace now, and I waaaaaant her. Scratch my plans about having a Lumedoll Arine for my Muses protagonist and doing the faceup myself; this Uyoo is perfect.

I've long had a crush on Uyoo. I love her big eyes and her full lips. Her mouth always seem slightly open, as if she's about to speak.

I used to have one with a default Soom faceup that I loved; she was the first incarnation of Jennifer, but I sold her, which I shouldn't have done. I eventually got another to provide the body for Absinthe and the head for Little Anneka, but I never liked that one as much because she had a non-default faceup. This one currently on the MP has sweet, arched eyebrows and a delicately done mouth, very close to the default. WANT WANT WANT WANT.

EDIT: Inquired to see if she was still available. If all goes well, I will soon on the road to HELL, no turning back, since I'm now buying dolls for Me and My Muses.

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