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My Jareth: faceup

My Jareth: faceup published on No Comments on My Jareth: faceup

Meggilu has an extremely detailed tutorial about how to paint eyebrows on BJDs. I may use it, or I might squint and say, "Okay…the eyebrows go about there…" *scribble*

Naiara's general faceup tutorial on DOA.

Cifr's general faceup tutorial on DOA.

Elisa_maza's tutorial on DOA.

Leechy's tutorial on DOA.

Of course, knowing me and my combination of impatience + laziness, I'll probably read these all and ignore them in favor of my tried and true method involving pencil, Prismacolors, acrylics, matte varnish, high gloss varnish, X-acto knives, paintbrushes, paint remover, Q-tips, a hair dryer and lots of swearing. I have absolutely no patience for the mainstream method of doing BJD faceups, which involves waiting for a dry day with low humidity, spraying Mister Super Clear [a fixative] before you start, waiting for it to dry, blocking out the general colors, spraying more MSC, letting it dry, doing greater detail with each layer and about 5 different paint brushes and colors, sealing with MSC after each layer, waiting for it to dry, until you're using a brush with a head smaller than a pinpoint to paint individual lines on lips or individual hairs on eyebrows. Too much time! Too many details! Hell, I can't even wait for paint to dry. [That's why I have a hair dryer.] That's why all the dolls I paint end up looking like this:

I put so much sealant on that faceup that it could probably withstand a direct nuclear hit.

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