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Dolls should not have wish lists.

Dolls should not have wish lists. published on 3 Comments on Dolls should not have wish lists.


Mr. Demandy McDemandypants wants the following, in no particular order:

some underwear [contemplating something like Dorsetclothing's retro black ruffled underpants on Etsy because they are FUCKING HILARIOUS]

the previously mentioned hot pink and black vinyl underbust corset and matching miniskirt

that Souldoll Ruvo-Z outfit for Zenith dudes

some weird black leather cropped vest with steel epaulets featuring studs and spikes

a froofy skirt with various black and pink layers [eyeballing one on the DOA marketplace]

Tata's Paradise Evildoer Punk black leather bolero jacket, also with spiked studs [yes, I know it's sold out]

Tata's Paradise motorcycle gloves ["theirs not to reason why…"]

a short red fur wig

a long hot pink wig

black leather collar with steel spikes

black leather wrist cuffs with steel spikes

I would get him a ball gag too if I thought that would stop him making demands, but he's here inside my mind, kind of like the Phantom of the Opera, only not abusive and with a much better sense of humor, so a ball gag wouldn't do anything.

FLE car: "Neener neener, I'm getting all of Elizabeth's extra money for the next two weeks!"

Jareth: "Curses!"

Me: "You do realize that you're demanding a wardrobe that costs hundreds of dollars that I could be spending on other dolls, right?"

Jareth: "It's all part of my cunning plan to have you forsake them all and have no other gods dolls before me."

Me: "You have no power over me."

Jareth: "La la la I can't hear you…"


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