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Bleeding heart liberal Chaz

Bleeding heart liberal Chaz published on No Comments on Bleeding heart liberal Chaz

Chaz got some eyes and clothes this weekend. The eyes are 8mm acrylics that came with my Elfdoll Doona Ryung. Surprisingly for acrylics, they really reflect light well, so she’s keeping them.

Chaz is one of my favorite dolls. There’s something to be said for neutral expressions that can be subtly or dramatically altered through paint jobs. I must admit that I do like a definite expression, though, and Chaz’ is so charming. She looks just so sweet-tempered, as if she has a constant sense of wonder at how amazingly beautiful life is. I think she’s a bleeding heart liberal who rescues bugs and puts them outside… ^_^ She won’t need much of a faceup to bring out the beauty of her headsculpt.

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