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Lumedoll wants my money.

Lumedoll wants my money. published on No Comments on Lumedoll wants my money.

Eva just came out with an elf version of her first 1:6 scale BJD Koit. Maybe it’s just the more flattering photos, but elf Koit looks more relaxed and happy than regular Koit. I asked Eva if the sculpts differed. She said:

I looked at the blank sculpts and the only difference (other than the ears) is the mouth has a slightly deeper part and that might make him look like he’s a bit happier than the regular Koit! Also, I noticed that from the side profile, the nose on the elf is the tiniest bit rounder.

Hmmm…I’m feeling the desire for a Lumelight elf Koit to enlarge the eyes on and paint up all cheerful and welcoming.


I only have 4.5 Lumedolls, but they figure larger in my consciousness, probably because Lumedoll has the most numerous 1:6 scale offerings of any BJD company. Males are Koit regular and elf, Lucas and Blaze. Females are Elin and Arine. Where most BJD companies do, at most, a 1:6 scale hetero couple as an afterthought to their major 1:3 or 1:4 scale lines, Lumedoll offers a veritable diversity of 1:6ers.

Clearly I need a tan elf Koit.


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