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Fat doll as of tonight

Fat doll as of tonight published on No Comments on Fat doll as of tonight

Tonight I restrung the torso and legs with thinner elastic and less tension. This made the doll a little floppy while greatly increasing poseability. I must admit that one of my favorite traits of BJDs is their stringing. It can be tight for standing and/or holding long-term positions, or it can be looser for more naturalistic seated and lying postures.

Then I gouged out the front of the ankle sockets so that the feet could point perpendicularly from the calves, rather than slightly down.

I spent most of the time mangling working on the neck. A quick test revealed that, despite my earlier hopes, the 1:6 scale adult head on the 1:3 scale unadapted toddler neck did not work.

Therefore I sanded down a bit of the neck socket on the underside of the head, then tapered the top 25% of the neck. After that, I hacked a few mm off and sanded it down so that it was approximately level, then tried the head again. Results were much more promising!

And, finally, here’s a picture of Isabel with a more accurate body shape!

Future tasks include restringing the arms with thinner elastic and then wiring for better poseability, continuing to narrow [and possibly reduce length of] neck, putting on original hands and feet to see if they’re passable [they are quite small!] and, finally, seeing if anything in my vast hoard of 1:6 scale clothing will fit this body.

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