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Testing clothes on the fat body

Testing clothes on the fat body published on No Comments on Testing clothes on the fat body

Here’s Isabel with no added fats. I tested some of my existing 1:6 clothes on her to see what would fit. Some of this stuff may not fit Isabel when she gets on her final body, as I have yet to decide where to add fats on her. This is useful as a starting point, however.


  • Tops for 1:6 scale male dolls [the first 5 photos, as well as the first one in the 3rd row] fit the 5StarDoll tiny body well, especially if they are stretchy or baggy.
  • Tops for MGA Moxie Teenz fit well too, which surprised me. I only have one example here, the last photo in the second row, but other Moxie Teenz tops I have are equally stretchy.
  • Jackets for 1:6 scale male dolls [last 3 photos] fit well, especially across the shoulders and around the torso.


  • Stretchy bottoms made for CGs work pretty well [first photo and last 2], probably because they are sewn to accommodate CGs’ wide hips, which are probably about as wide as the 5StarDoll tiny body’s.
  • Very few skirts in my collection fit. The second photo shows a Moxie Teenz skirt that fits only because it’s meant to fit down on a Moxie Teenz doll’s hips, which means the waist is wider than usual. The third photo shows the only other skirt that fits, one that I commissioned for Will years ago.
  • I’m thrilled that the purple leggings in the last photo fit! Those are OJI Toys’ FemBasix Spandex "panty hose," made for female action figures. They come in 11 colors and cost $3.95 a pair. When the time comes to invest in Isabel’s wardrobe, I think I’ll hit them up for black, white, red, yellow, pale pink, hot pink and green. So much cheaper than buying pants made for this size of BJD, one pair of which could easily cost me as much as 7 pairs of leggings.

Finally, here’s some shots of Isabel fully dressed. I couldn’t find any shoes in my collection for her, so I’m thinking that shoes for 1:4 scale male fashion dolls might work.

She’s a pretty classy individual!

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