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Not Your Mother’s Rules: more

Not Your Mother’s Rules: more published on No Comments on Not Your Mother’s Rules: more

Pages 35-37: "We tell clients to grow their hair long or even to get hair extensions.  … Also, curly dos can look messy, while long, stick-straight hair looks more like one of those luscious shampoo ads.

"…We often tell women who feel blah with brown hair to try highlights or go blond.

"…If you have a lot of facial hair — a unibrow or even a mustache — you should get it lightened or waxed. If you have weak nails or bite them, get a gel French manicure that can last for two or three weeks. … Get your teeth whitened… Wear contact lenses [try blue and green shades!] instead of glasses."

Hate your race. Pursue Aryan perfection.

Pages 39-40: "…[A]ny Rules girl’s best accessory is big [three-inch] hoop earrings in silver or gold. … Little or big diamond studs … are too dainty and suburban-looking when you are single. …

"Another great accessory is a chunky gold watch. It’s bold, modern and reeks of self-confidence. …

"Big sunglasses and the au courant bag are also smart investments…"

When did "suburban" move from neutral adjective to sneering insult?

"Reeking" of self-confidence doesn’t seem particularly attractive to me.

Page 42: "Sometimes successful women are the biggest Rules breakers. They argue that their MBAs or graduate degrees give them license to pursue men like they pursue careers and condos."

This anti-MBA theme is becoming tedious.

Page 43: "Abby, a twenty-one-year-old journalism major, thought the Rules were so yesterday."

The best way to relate to today’s youth is to make sure that your musical references are at least ten years out of date. Lollerskates!

Page 99: "Few guys want to read paragraph after paragraph about a woman’s feelings, thoughts, wants or needs."

Shut up! You are a fuckhole, nothing more.

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