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Dollism Plus US 2014 WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

Dollism Plus US 2014 WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! published on No Comments on Dollism Plus US 2014 WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

So it looks like Dollism Plus, a gargantuan BJD convention usually held in Hong Kong, will occur in 2014 in the US, specifically Niagara Falls, New York! That’s just a 7-hour drive away! I’ve already buzzed to Janna about this, and we look forward to taking a DOLL ROAD TRIP WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO there and back.

I’m really excited to have a BJD con somewhere close by. In the past, many interesting BJD events have occurred in the South and on the West Coast, but very, very few in the Northeast. While I have been to shows for all types of dolls, as well as large BJD meetups, I’ve never been to a con dedicated to BJDs, so I look forward to meeting people, taking lots of pictures, playing with unfamiliar dolls and buying some stuff. Of course, I have to save up quite a lot of money for travel, lodging and, uh, doll stuff.

I’m already thinking about who to bring. Members of the Me and My Muses or Zombieville universes are not eligible, so that reduces the pool of available attendees to those dolls who pester me in my universe:

  • Araminthe
  • Flower
  • Ginevra
  • Janvier Jett
  • Jareth
  • Jujube
  • Mellifer
  • Sardonix
  • Submit
  • Timonium
  • Yamarrah

Jareth is out because I’ve decided that, while he may go out in public with me, he’s never going to any meets. I’m also leaning toward eliminating people with fragile or fiddly parts, like Flower with his hot-glued ears, Ginevra with her detachable wing and Janvier Jett with her articulated fingers. I won’t bring Jujube either because she is so small, likewise Submit.

That leaves me with Araminthe, Mellifer, Sardonix, Timonium and Yamarrah. [There may be some other options by next September, depending on who I acquire before then!] I’d like to bring a 1:6er, especially if people are selling sets and accessories in that scale; then I will have a basis for comparison. I’d also like to bring a "standard" 1:3 scale BJD because she could serve as a fit model for any clothing I’m interested in. Hmmm…

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